• Breast screening including clinical breast examination for healthy women
  • Counselling regarding relevant surveillance and treatment of women with significant family history of breast cancers or who are known BRCA mutation carriers
  • Evaluation and work up of women with abnormal mammograms, ultrasound and or biopsy results
  • Evaluation and work up of breast symptoms including breast lump/s, nipple discharge, pain and breast feeding related infections

Clinic Procedures

  • Fine needle aspiration of breast cysts and abscesses
  • Ultrasound guided diagnostic core biopsy of breast lesions and lymph nodes
  • Ultrasound guided minimally-invasive therapeutic vacuum-assisted excisions of breast lumps and drainage of breast abscesses
  • Drainage of superficial breast abscesses
  • Excisions of nipple/ areolar papilloma


  • Excision of breast lumps
  • Inframammary approach in excisions of large breast tumours
  • Hookwire or radioisotope guided localization(ROLL) and excision of non-palpable breast lesions and microcalcifications
  • Microdochectomy or total duct excision for the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal nipple discharge
  • Drainage of multiloculated or extensive breast abscesses
  • Nipple eversion for inverted nipples
  • Surgical treatment for accessory breasts
  • Surgical treatment for gynaecomastia
  • Oncoplastic techniques in excisions of breast cancers and large no-cancerous lumps
  • Mastectomy for locally advanced, multicentric or inflammatory breast cancers
  • Skin sparing or Nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy for early breast cancer
  • Oncologic axillary clearance for cancer-involved axillary lymph nodes
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