Dr Esther Chuwa

For women, breast cancer can be a particularly emotionally difficult disease. Afflicting that which is perceived as the very symbol of womanhood and femininity, this condition’s effects are far-reaching, extending from the patient to her loved ones, as well as significantly impacting her health, daily life and long-term goals.

No two cases of breast cancer are exactly alike, with every woman’s journey to recovery unique and very personal. Esther Chuwa BreastCare Practice embraces patients in their season of trial and empowers them to celebrate survivorship through proper education, accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge treatments.

As an established breast clinic in Singapore, treatment plans are carefully tailor-made to fit each individual’s condition. The clinic’s services range from detailed breast examinations and minimally invasive biopsies, to more complex breast procedures such as nipple-sparing mastectomy, therapeutic mamaplasty and local flaps for breast reconstruction. Our breast clinic treats a full range of breast and nipple conditions; including breast cancer and benign conditions like gynaecomastia, accessory breasts, breast lumps and abscesses, abnormal nipple discharge, inverted nipples, and issues pertaining to breastfeeding and lactation.

To help patients undergoing tumor removal retain (or restore) the normal appearance of their breasts as far as possible, our breast surgeon sub-specializes in oncoplastic breast surgery, and is one of the first few breast surgeons in Singapore who was formally trained in this breast conservation technique.

As medical director and breast cancer surgeon at Esther Chuwa BreastCare Practice, Dr Chuwa collaborates with partners such as the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation and other dedicated occupational therapists. This way, our breast clinic in Singapore can truly provide holistic treatment options for each patient. From diagnosis and breast cancer treatments to physical rehabilitation and emotional recovery, our dedicated team will always be there to walk this journey with you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Esther Chuwa
Singapore Breast Surgeon & Medical Director
Esther Chuwa BreastCare Practice